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TERMS AND CONDITIONS “Yawn Flooring” - Winnipeg, MB.       


Yawn Flooring is a registered business in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Yawn Flooring is bonded and insured for Liability ($ 2,000,000.00) with Contractor Extension. Yawn Flooring is WCB (worker’s comp) insured and in good standing.

Yawn Flooring is a GST/PST registered business.

We do work for insurance companies (claims). Yawn Flooring is a member of the nwfa.



“Yawn” Flooring is not responsible for any loss, injury, claim, damage, whether occurring or arising concurrent with or subsequent to the performance of the job, which is due to any pre-existing condition of the floor, sub-floor or any related materials (including, without limiting the generality of the foregoing, for laminate flooring, the wear of the original sealer) or for delays due to causes outside its control.


There are no representations, promises, warranties or agreements by “Yawn Flooring” except as expressly herein set forth.


All work to be done is outlined in the “Authorization to Perform Work” and is signed by the Owner/Customer. The “Authorization to Perform Work” is a binding agreement for Yawn Flooring and the Customer upon receipt of the deposit (down payment).


Additional work will be acceptable if in writing, with additional cost stated and signed by the Contractor and the Customer or confirmed by the Contractor and Customer by an exchange of emails.


“Yawn” Flooring shall not be responsible for the voiding of any warranty on the existing flooring due to the work performed by it. It is up to the Customer to ensure that the work to be performed by “Yawn Flooring” will not void theCustomer’s warranty.


In no event shall “Yawn” Flooring’s liability arising out of or related to this agreement exceed the total compensation received by “Yawn” Flooring under this agreement.


Yawn Flooring will take before and after picture to show that the work was performed and finished.


The work area must to be accessible and free of any personal property of any nature or kind and “Yawn Flooring” will not be responsible for any damage that may be caused if it is required to remove such property in order to perform its work.


If Yawn Flooring is required to clean up building material before work can commence an hourly rate of $ 80.00 per person will be charged unless specified otherwise in the agreement.

 Additional dumping fees for this debris are extra costs for the Customer unless specified otherwise. Any agreed on time-line is voided in such circumstances.


In case of any risk to the safety of the Contractor and his labor force or employees due to the condition of the Customer’s floor, the Customer will be notified to rectify the situation, after which work will recommence. If the Customer does not wish to rectify unsafe work the deposit is kept by “Yawn Flooring”, plus extra costs if applicable. Unsafe work includes but is not limited to open hot electrical wires, or electrical wires hidden (worked into) into the floor or sub-floor, or water/gas pipes, or flammable material in the flooring to be worked on.


There is dust produced during work. Dust free working is a separate service.


The cost of Stain and Sealer (Varnish) is included in the price unless specified otherwise. At no time the cost per gallon included will exceed $ 100.00 CND per gallon, for either Stain and/or Sealer.  


The Customer is responsible to choose the stain color and shall also assume responsibility for whatever color the floor ends up being after application of the Customer-selected stain.


Customer is advised that, if the floor is stained it is advised to use ‘wood conditioner’ (“pre-stain”) before the staining for a more homogenous floor or do water-popping (raking, damp cloth the floor). Wood floors are a natural product and stain can be absorbed by the grain unevenly. especially woods such as Maple, Fir, Birch, Pine, among others. White spotting is possible due to tannin pull. Therefore a ‘wood conditioner’ is advised. If the “Authorization to Perform Work” states staining and sealing only this implies the Customer (home-owner) declined wood conditioning. The wood conditioning treatment must be named in writing.


The sealing (finish) of the floor is not warranted due to the wide variety of wood floors and the nature of wood floors and their environment, such as climate, pets and usage, among others. The same is true for discoloration due to Living, heat (wood stove), water, among others.

The floor is warranted against peeling for one year.


After refinishing some swirl marks are expected or sanding marks in knots of the floor.


Installation and laying of floors: the customer of Yawn Flooring chooses color, make, and type of flooring at all times. Yawn Flooring cannot be held responsible for the floor chosen.


Installation of floors: In no event shall “Yawn” Flooring’s liability arising out of or related to this agreement exceed the labor compensation received by “Yawn” Flooring under this agreement.


Layered engineered hard wood floor (pre-finished floor) is not solid wood flooring. If Yawn Flooring is hired it is on the understanding that this type floor cannot always be refinished.

 Also, Yawn Flooring is not responsible if, in the work process, the glued on hard wood layer separates from the surfaces below (layers separate), or for cracks, or breaks/chips, or is damaged in any other way, either by sanding or working on it.


Installation of [hard wood floors] floors: underlayment (paper) is advised. If the customer does not wish underlayment Yawn Flooring cannot be held liable at any time for a faulty installation.


These terms and conditions do equally apply to any other type of work (century home restoration, wood work, renovation, and other works) done by Yawn Flooring, and where it says “flooring” all other types of work are included.





Payment shall be due upon completion of the work and within three (3) days of the date of the invoice rendered by Jan “Yawn” Flooring Recovery.  Any amounts not paid when due shall accrue interest at the rate of four (4%) percent per month, compounded monthly, from the due date until date of payment.  In the event that any payment is returned for insufficient funds or “NSF”, there shall be an additional charge of $50 due to Jan “Yawn” Flooring, and for each and every check returned.


Yawn Flooring TERM and CONDITIONS was last modified March 17, 2017.

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