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About Yawn Flooring


Having your own business runs in the family. I still have (and use) the carpet knife of my German grandfather, Julius. My father Wolfgang owned a construction company building houses before focusing on his craft, only. He was a head master of the provincial guild for many years. Craftsmanship is family heritage. The knowledge I gained is that thoroughness and a good job helps the customer’s family and honors God. And there are answers to a seemingly irreparable floor.


I came to Winnipeg in 2012. Canada is the country of my choice and I am Canadian-German citizen. I, too, flipped real estate in Ontario, concentrating on the flooring/tiling, now. Wolseley is my home and I enjoy the century homes with their ambiance. I install wood floors or bring a discovered wood floor back to life, repair a dent in engineered hardwood or fix the busted floor of a sunken foundation. And take the time to find the floor (missing pieces) for the needed repair.


Yeah, this name of mine, Jan, but Yawn Flooring: Jan is not pronounced Jane, Janis, Jaw, Jam, Han or Ham. “Dear Ms Jan” is it not either. Jan is pronounced “Yawn” and I am a guy. The name makes a good opening line. Always good for a chuckle. The CRA (our federal tax collector) got it right from the start.


You know now, about myself and I invite you to call me to come to your house and take a look at your floor.
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